Interevco is a well known internet marketing firm that designs and places on-line advertising for the health living brands with approximately 20 employees in several locations. The CEO, Paul DeBraccio contacted us to see if there was a way we could address their e-mail notification for their smart phones and database upgrade because there were constant interruptions to the service, plus their backup solution needed more automation and their backup technology needed to reduce risk. The existing server was not approved for the newest server operating systems. Paul is tech savvy and realized that it was time to make improvement changes based on the feedback and results they were getting with the existing technology. They wanted 100% reliability and the sales staff, couldn't be down for more than a few hours even during the weekend.

Another IT support firm had originally installed and supported their technology and had proposed a complete replacement of their server. The overall cost was certainly a factor in their next step. TechTeamNY proposed a server cloud solution that did not require the strenuous costs, transition time and addressed concerns associated with physical server replacements.


Taking advantage of virtual technologies, we were able to move the e-mail and smart phone notification services to a much higher reliability solution without incurring the replacement costs associated with servers plus there was no interruption of services. Immediately the benefits were realized when the staff had consistent e-mail updates and could get back to their clients with speed. The Interevco team was able to stay focused on their business. The added bonus of reducing their system costs by an incredible 85% allowed them to use these savings towards other business development needs.

'TechTeamNY did for us what other IT firms did not fix our technology problems, improved our system and did it all without interfering with our day to day business'

Paul DeBraccio, CEO, Interevco.
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